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We are thrilled to welcome Xero to the Kea family as our newest global partner. The leading small business platform will be powering Kea’s global connection service, Kea Connect. Xero’s support will be instrumental to helping other Kiwi businesses succeed on the world stage. 


Kea is on a mission to make New Zealand the most connected nation in the world. With an estimated 1.5 million Kiwis living offshore, we are committed to creating high-impact global connections for the benefit of New Zealand and our people – no matter where they are.

Our global partners are an essential part of this journey. They share our vision of a more globally connected New Zealand and our passion for fostering New Zealand’s prosperity. As each new partner is inducted into our global community, Kea’s capacity to unite Kiwis around the world grows.

For that reason, we are delighted to announce our newest partnership with Xero. Xero joins Kea’s suite of partners to supercharge our global connection service, Kea Connect.

Xero was born in New Zealand and has become an international phenomenon. They are dedicated to making life better for small businesses, their advisors and communities around the world.

Xero is excited to be powering Kea Connect and supporting more Kiwi businesses to go global. Managing Director New Zealand & Pacific Islands, Craig Hudson, says the organisation is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges New Zealand businesses face.

“It can be hard out there, especially when you’re looking to break into other markets. New Zealand is well and truly holding its own when you consider the innovation coming out of the country though so it’s crucial we have a voice and are able to showcase our talent. As a Kiwi company with a global footprint, we know what it takes to scale and represent New Zealand on the world stage, and partnering with Kea gives us the opportunity to share this insight and help other Kiwi businesses succeed.

We understand the importance and value provided by organisations such as Kea more than ever, and Xero is incredibly proud to become Kea’s newest global partner.”

Craig Donaldson, Global CEO of Kea agrees that the partnership is a natural fit.

“Xero’s commitment to small business exemplifies the values underpinning Kea’s mission. We share a fundamental belief that small business is not only the backbone of the New Zealand economy, but that there is an opportunity to champion these businesses and provide them with access to global talent and expertise to help them succeed – essentially kiwis helping kiwis" Donaldson says Xero’s partnership with Kea will be invaluable to New Zealand businesses.

“Xero’s support will help facilitate new opportunities for Kiwis and empower the next generation of New Zealand small business. We are thrilled to welcome Xero to the Kea whānau and look forward to working together to help more kiwi businesses scale and succeed on the world stage.”

If you’re looking to connect with global Kiwis, let us know.
Kea Connect helps Kiwi companies go global by connecting them to industry experts around the world. If you have a clear ask, we can find help in-market and help you find opportunities through advisory and mentorship.
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Xero is incredibly proud to be one of Kea's newest global partners. We were born in New Zealand and now as a global company, we understand more than ever the importance and value provided by organisations such as Kea. We are excited to be powering Kea's connection service, Kea Connect, and helping other Kiwi businesses scale and represent New Zealand on the world stage. Our mission is to rewire the world of small business, making it seamless, simpler and smarter. We want to make life better for people in small business, their advisors and communities around the world.


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