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An estimated 1.5 million Kiwis live outside of New Zealand. Kea's mission is to enable our borderless nation to connect with one another and with home. If you are looking for an opportunity to exercise your writing muscles, write something you’re truly proud of, and share it with thousands of global Kiwis — we’d love to have you join our community of contributors.
We want to share the stories of global New Zealanders with the world

If you think you’ve got global advice for New Zealand businesses, you know the best spots to stay or eat from Boston to Berlin, or you’re creating content you think Kiwis would love, we want to share it with New Zealand’s global community.

How to share your story

We are after any of the following:

  • Global/regional business tips
  • Advice for expats moving home
  • Looking for work in a new country
  • Finding a job back home
  • Best spots for people on vacation
  • Must-visit restaurants/cafes/Kiwi businesses and hotspots around the world
  • Galleries, videos and original content of your global journey

If that sounds like you, drop us a note at [email protected]

We will share your story, advice and recommendations with New Zealand’s global community.

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