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Sir Stephen and Lady Margaret Tindall established The Tindall Foundation in 1994. Since the first donation in 1995, The Tindall Foundation has committed over $187 million to organisations around Aotearoa. On top of financial donations, The Tindall Foundation provides skills, connections and support to organisations to help them grow. Sir Stephen co-founded Kea in 2001 and continues to play an active role in our organisation.

Margaret and Stephen Tindall

Why and when was The Tindall Foundation established?
In 1994 when we floated The Warehouse Group on the New Zealand stock exchange we decided how lucky we had been and wanted to give back to New Zealand around half of the proceeds from the dividends of the company during our lifetime and beyond.

When there are so many great causes and a finite number of resources, how do you go about choosing which causes to support?

Obviously our giving is small in relation to the massive needs in New Zealand however we have tried to focus on some of the areas we feel we can make a difference. They are also areas that are close to our hearts, including children in the early years, young people, youth employment, the environment, community development, promoting giving, and supporting Māori economic development.

What's the greatest thing you've learned since establishing the foundation?

That there are enormous numbers of very generous people in New Zealand donating their time and energy to help others.  

Where do you believe the future of philanthropy is heading?

As other New Zealanders discover the joy of giving I believe there will be more and more philanthropy in the years to come. What’s the one message you’d love to give Kiwis both here in NZ at home and abroad? That there is enormous joy in giving. 

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