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Kea makes thousands of introductions every year for Kiwi companies looking to go global. We leverage our World Class New Zealand Network and other Kiwi expat mentors, advisors, and super-connected champions. Can you help connect any of these New Zealand SMEs?


Youth aimed LinkedIn-like social media seeks market advice for expanding to Australia and Singapore
Youth Hub is a free online platform for young people to bridge the gap between education and employment through a wrap around approach. They aim to help sculpt a skilled, informed, and engaged workforce while levelling the playing field for all young people. Youth Hub seeks market advice for expanding their offering to Australia and Singapore.
Farm tech developers seek to connect with established farmers, irrigation companies and industry partners
Next Farm is developing platforms for farm monitoring and control starting with water and effluent management. They now control and tailor fixed grid irrigation schedules, or monitor effluent application remotely to improve efficiency. Next Farm seeks to meet established farmers, irrigation companies, and other industry partners.

Do you need help?

Kea Connect helps Kiwi companies go global.

What we can do

Make warm introductions to members of the Kea network who may be able to give you business advice, market insights and/or further connections.

Post your business connection request on our website here and in our next newsletter, increasing the chances of finding the right introduction for you.

Help connect you to other organisations with resources and expertise that we don't have.

What we can't do

Advertise your product or service to the Kea network or find you customers.

Guarantee that every introduction will make your business an overnight success.

Ask the Kea network for funding on your behalf. However, we can connect you with organisations in this space.